Parking at The Hospital Service  is dependent on which hospital you are visiting.

Your options are listed below.

The National Hospital of the Faroe Islands

By the main entrance
There is a time-limitation of one hour when parking by the main entrance. 

If you plan on staying at the hospital for a longer time a special allowance can be provided from the information center. 

Blood donors

A specific parking space is granted for blood donors. It is located behind the main building on the left in front of the laboratory. 

Hospital of Klaksvík

The Hospital of Klaksvík is located at the address Sjúkrahúsbrekka 1.

There are two different possibilities for parking, and it depends on which side of the Hospital you are located. The parking area at the hospital is below the building. The time limitation is one hour.  Another parking area is above the hospital. This is managed by the local commune. 

Hospital of Suðuroy

The parking area at the Hospital of Suðuroy is located above the building, in front of the main entrance. 

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